Sic Semper Tyrannis - 'Ever thus to tyranny'


P.O. Box 100, Broad Run, Virginia 20137-0100;

Defense Rights advocate Daniel L. Hawes addresses a crowd after a court appearance in a murder case (photograph by DAVE ELLIS/THE Fredericksburg, VA. FREE LANCE-STAR).

Daniel L. Hawes

Member of
- The Virginia State Bar (retired),
- The Fauquier County Bar Association,
- The Virginia Citizens' Defense League, and
- The National Rifle Association (life member)
(NRA certified instructor in: Pistol, Rifle, and Personal Protection).

Useful Information:

Letter to Law Enforcement (keep a copy in your car and one in your home)

Bill of Sale Form for transfer of firearms between residents of the same state

Formal definition of the term, "secured", as used in the Va. concealed weapons statute

Contract form for firearms instructors' use

Virginia Citizens' Defense League NRA Life Member NRA Certified Instructor

United States Concealed Carry Association


Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Foundation

Armed Citizens Network

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